Ridto.com Cookie Policy

What are cookies?
Cookies refer to tiny text files that are stored by web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc., on a user’s device, including computers and mobile phones. These files are utilized to recognize the browser and store data or settings when the user visits a website.

By using cookies, the website gains the capability to store the user’s personal preferences, identify the user, and adjust accordingly to enhance the website experience. The user has the option to deactivate or restrict the use of cookies, however, this may result in limitations in accessing all features of the website.

What type of cookies does www.ridto.com use?

Mandatory cookies
Essential cookies enable users to access and utilize the functions of a website, such as acquiring information about services and making purchases. They recognize the user’s device without divulging their identity or collecting and combining data. Without these cookies, the website would not be able to operate at full capacity, including delivering vital information, providing requested services, and processing service applications.

Performance cookies
These cookies gather data on how the user interacts with the website, including their frequent page visits and any error messages they encounter. User identification data is not collected by cookies, and all information remains anonymous. The sole purpose of these cookies is to enhance the website’s performance.

Functional cookies
Functional cookies enable the website to retain and apply the preferences and decisions made by the user to enhance their convenience while using the website.

Targeted cookies
These cookies offer targeted ads and notifications based on the users’ interests. In some cases, these targeted cookies may be connected to other websites, like Instagram, if the user has given consent for these cookies to be used on those sites. This consent may be given, for example, by liking a page, and it aligns with the cookie policy of those sites.

Analytical cookies
Analytical cookies gather data on the user’s website activity and highlight the sections that are visited most frequently, along with the specific content that is selected by the user during their browsing session. This information is utilized for analysis in order to understand the interests of website users and enhance the website’s functionality for a better user experience. It’s important to note that analytical cookies solely recognize the user’s device and do not disclose their personal identity.

In certain situations, third-party data processors such as Google Analytics may handle a portion of the analytical cookies rather than the website owner. This is done in accordance with the instructions and designated objectives provided by the website owner.

How to manage cookies?
To control cookies, adjust the settings of your web browser. It is possible to prevent or remove cookies, but please be aware that this may impact the performance of our website. If you have any inquiries or worries about our cookie policy, feel free to reach out to us at info@ridto.com.