Travel Checklist Before Go To Any Corporateā€™s Conference, Exhibition, or Tradeshow

Before Travel:

  • Confirmation of event registration and attendance
  • Event schedule and program details
  • Passport, identification, and any required visas
  • Event registration confirmation and tickets
  • Hotel reservation details and travel itineraries
  • Business cards and professional networking materials
  • Presentation materials, if you're a speaker or exhibitor
  • Laptop, tablet, or devices for note-taking and work


  • Business attire for conference sessions and meetings
  • Comfortable shoes for walking and standing
  • Attire for any social or formal events
  • Notepads, pens, and presentation materials
  • Chargers for electronic devices and extra batteries
  • Extension cords and power strips for your booth (if applicable)
  • Brochures, flyers, and promotional materials
  • Banners, signage, and branding materials for your booth

On the Go:

  • Laptop, tablet, or devices for presentations and communication
  • Chargers and power banks for your electronic devices
  • Business cards and holder for networking
  • Personal identification and contact information

During the Event:

  • Booth materials, displays, and signage (if you're an exhibitor)
  • Promotional materials and giveaways for attendees
  • Attendee list or event app for networking opportunities
  • Elevator pitch and introduction for effective networking
  • Schedule of conference sessions and meetings
  • Notes, questions, and materials for sessions

After the Event:

  • Gather business cards, materials, and contacts
  • Review and organize notes from sessions and meetings
  • Send follow-up emails to new contacts and leads
  • Share presentation materials and resources if applicable
  • Provide event feedback to organizers
  • Reflect on your experience and lessons learned

Here is a comprehensive Conference, Exhibition, or Tradeshow Travel Checklist to ensure you have everything you need for a successful and organized event attendance:
Stay organized and prepared for your event with's Conference, Exhibition, or Tradeshow Travel Checklist. Covering everything from registration to presentation materials and networking essentials, our comprehensive guide ensures a seamless and successful event experience. Elevate your event participation with our user-friendly checklist at
Remember, this checklist is adaptable to your specific needs and the type of event you're attending. Tailor it to include any additional items or considerations based on the nature of the conference, exhibition, or tradeshow.