Elderly Travel – Older Travelers Checklist! Before You Sending Your Loved One

  • Before Travel:

  • Health and Medications:

      Essential medications and a list of medical conditions Prescription medications with proper labels Doctor's contact information
  • Mobility Aids:

      Walker, cane, or any required mobility assistance devices Extra batteries or chargers for mobility aids
  • Get Informed:

      Notify airlines in advance if wheelchair assistance is needed at the airport Check for accessibility services and facilities at departure and arrival airports
  • Communication:

      Carry a mobile phone for emergency communication and staying connected Consider a mobile translation app for language assistance if not fluent in English
  • Packing:

    • Clothing:

        Comfortable and weather-appropriate clothing Extra layers for varying weather conditions Comfortable and supportive shoes
    • Medications and Health Essentials:

        Adequate supply of prescription medications Pain relievers and over-the-counter medications First aid kit with bandages, antiseptics, and any required medical supplies
    • Personal Care Items:

        Toiletries and personal hygiene products Eyeglasses, hearing aids, and spare batteries
    • On the Go:

      • Travel Comfort:

          Neck pillow and blanket for extra comfort Snacks and water to stay hydrated Entertainment such as books, puzzles, or music
      • Carry-On Bag:

          Travel documents, IDs, and travel insurance details Medications and health essentials Comfort items like a scarf,diaper or shawl

      During Travel:

      • Accessibility:

          Check for wheelchair accessibility and assistance services at airports, hotels, and attractions Request special assistance if needed (e.g., pre-boarding, wheelchair)
      • Rest and Breaks:

          Plan for rest breaks during travel, especially for longer journeys Allow time for bathroom breaks and stretching
      • Medication Management:

          Follow medication schedules and ensure prescriptions are easily accessible Keep medications in your carry-on bag to avoid loss
      • Stay Hydrated and Fed:

          Carry water and snacks to stay nourished during travel Plan meals and snacks around dietary preferences and restrictions

    Above is a comprehensive Elderly Travel Checklist to ensure a comfortable and stress-free journey for seniors:
    Remember, this checklist is adaptable to individual needs and preferences. Always prioritize safety, comfort, and well-being when preparing for travel with elderly individuals.