Travel Checklist Before Go To Any Sales Call

Before Travel:

  • Gather information about potential clients and their needs
  • Research industry trends and news for relevant talking points
  • Confirm sales calls and appointments
  • Share meeting agendas and objectives with your team
  • Notify prospects about your visit and availability
  • Share contact information and communication preferences


  • Business-appropriate clothing for sales meetings
  • Attire suitable for client events or dinners
  • Brochures, product catalogs, and promotional materials
  • Samples or demos of your products or services
  • Fully charged laptop, tablet, or devices for presentations
  • Mobile phone and chargers

On the Go:

  • Customize your sales pitch for each prospect
  • Prepare engaging presentations and visuals
  • Establish rapport and build a connection with prospects
  • Listen actively and address their pain points

During Sales Calls:

  • Arrive early and familiarize yourself with the location
  • Set up any necessary presentation equipment
  • Deliver your pitch confidently and persuasively
  • Address objections and provide relevant solutions

Post-Call Follow-Up:

  • Send personalized thank-you emails after each meeting
  • Express appreciation for their time and interest
  • Record meeting outcomes, action items, and next steps
  • Update prospect profiles with new information
  • Plan for the next steps, such as sending proposals
  • Schedule follow-up calls or meetings

Here's a comprehensive Sales Calls Travel Checklist to help you make the most of your business travel for sales purposes:
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Customize this checklist based on your sales process and industry. Sales calls require thorough preparation and effective communication to make a lasting impression on potential clients.